Cost of Renovation

The design for our renovation has been provided by the architectural firm of NewPort Architecture, LLC, of Newport, RI, to be a sympathetic addition to the traditional Colonial Revival style of the existing building and in keeping with its surrounding neighborhood. The expectation is that any additions and renovations will seamlessly blend into the current building. 

Construction Documents are being fully coordinated with the Structural, MEP, FP and HVAC consultants, in preparation for obtaining competitive bids from qualified general contractors in late 2019.

There is a detailed cost analysis for a 2020 construction schedule which includes all costs associated with the project from Architecture & Engineering fees to a generous allowance for furniture, fixtures and equipment. A summary of which is as follows:


  General Conditions:     $260,000
  General Construction:     $1,765,000
  HVAC/Electrical/Fire Protect/Photovoltaic Power:     $1,182,000
  Recondition/Replace Roof     $239,000
  Fire Protection/Fees/Permits     $130,000
  Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment:     $274,000
Total     $3,850,000

A committee of volunteers is reaching out now to share the project with Library members and to ask for support of the project.